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Entity Description

Autopistas, Abertis subsidiary in Spain, takes another step in its commitment to innovation and in its contribution to providing new digital and dynamic solutions that promote intelligent, safe and sustainable mobility. The digitalization of infrastructures together with advanced management are key to the connected mobility of the future.


In Spain, Autopistas is a leading company in the infrastructure sector. We are a company with experience that designs, builds and manages sustainable and safe highways to respond to efficient, intelligent and responsible mobility of the present and the future. Autopistas is made up of several toll concession companies: Aucat, Aulesa, Avasa, Castellana, Túnels and Trados-45.

All of these companies share the same objective: to offer customers responsible management of the roads they operate and to facilitate safe, comfortable trips and a quality experience in each of their trips. Our track record in road infrastructure management supports us and inspires us to project initiatives that contribute to the new mobility challenges.

Activities and Services

We believe in the essential role of infrastructure to structure and develop territories. Our management model implies commitment and responsibility in each project, adopting an attitude of comprehensive management of all phases of the life cycle of an asset in an efficient manner. Our lines of work are based on:

  • Improve the mobility of our clients
  • Optimize information technology services for mobility and road safety
  • Plan and collaborate in the development of infrastructures adapted to new technologies (autonomous driving, connected…)

We understand investment in infrastructure as a strategic instrument for the development of society and the environment where we carry out our activity.

Autopistas in numbers

  • 6 concessions managed with 561 km with majority participation, with more than 30 km of tunnels.
  • 48 km on highways with minority participation.
  • More than 360 million annual transits.
  • Average Daily Intensity (ADI) 16,755 (+9.8% compared to comparable 2021 and -5.0% compared to 2019).
  • More than 41,000 customer assistance services managed on highways and interchanges.
  • More than 230,000 communications made from the Operations and Road Safety Centers aimed at internal resources, clients, public administrations, mobility agents in the daily management of roads.
  • 26 service areas with refueling, catering, and store services.
  • In-person and online Customer Service Channels.

Contribution to CRETA

The participation of Autopistas in the CRETA project is specified in the following lines of action:

  • Sensorization based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Real-time mobility data platform
  • Development of traffic, accident risk and pollution prediction algorithms
  • Demonstration of the ability to reduce congestion, the risk of accidents and pollution by influencing driver behavior (speed) in a real environment with real customers, through traffic strategies.
  • Development of communication channels between infrastructure and client: facilitate the exchange of information between the infrastructure and the client.

Contact information

Av. Pedralbes 17 – 08034 Barcelona