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Entity Description

Cellnex is the main operator of wireless telecommunications services and infrastructure in Europe.

It manages a portfolio of c.135,000 sites – including deployments planned until 2030 – in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

It offers its clients a set of solutions and technologies designed to ensure the conditions for reliable and quality transmission for the wireless dissemination of content, whether voice, data or audiovisual content.


2003 – 2015


The absorption of Retevisión

After completing the spin-off process of Auna, Retevisión’s audiovisual business becomes part of Abertis Telecom (currently Cellnex Telecom), thus strengthening the group’s presence in Spanish telecommunications.


The TDT operator

Abertis Telecom (currently Cellnex Telecom) is awarded the contract by which it becomes the operator of TDT signals for Spanish broadcasters with national coverage with more than 20 channels planned while acting as official network provider at 3GSM World Congress.


Maritime rescue by radio

Abertis Telecom (currently Cellnex Telecom) continues the development of the business related to mobile radio communications and is awarded the provision of the COMDES network for the Generalitat Valenciana and the “Maritime Relief for the Safety of Human Life at Sea” service, for Maritime Rescue.


The digital transition

In the month of April, 98% TDT coverage was reached in Spain, concluding the transition process to the digital system, in which Abertis Telecom (currently Cellnex Telecom) faced the task of digitizing its entire network of centers in a time record.


The first towers

It acquires 1,000 telecommunications towers from Telefónica in Spain, and begins to lay the foundations for its future position as a reference neutral operator in the development of new generation networks.


The first foot in Italy

Abertis Telecom (currently Cellnex Telecom) acquires TowerCo, a telecommunications operator that manages mobile phone towers located throughout Italy’s motorway network.




The launch of a transformative project: Cellnex Telecom is born

Abertis Telecom purchases 7.377 mobile telephone towers and sites in Italy to become the first independent telecommunications infrastructure operator in Europe shortly before going public on May 7 under the name Cellnex Telecom (CLNX) and under the motto “we promote telecommunications connectivity.




The company continues its geographic and business expansion with operations in the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom. The purchase of the Italian CommsCon, a specialist in DAS & Small Cells, shows the commitment to innovation and solutions for the future densification of the network.

During these years it has positioned itself in several European countries, becoming a leader in its sector.




International expansion in the year of communications

In the year that highlights telecommunications services due to COVID-19 restrictions, geographic diversification increases with expansion operations that involve entering 5 new markets, going from 7 to 12.

After closing the 2016-2020 RSC Master Plan with 90% of the objectives met, the company launches the 2021-2025 Sustainability Master Plan focused on ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) criteria.

Activities and Services

Sectors in which Cellnex offers connectivity solutions:

  • Mobile operators
  • Public administrations
  • Energy and utilities
  • Health and care
  • Hostelry and real estate
  • Sports venues and campuses
  • Manufacture
  • Mining, oil and gas industry
  • Shopping complexes
  • Transport and logistics

The main technologies offered by Cellnex are the following:

  • Telecommunications infrastructure services
  • Broadcasting
  • DAS & Small Cells
  • Private networks
  • Smart & IoT
  • Fiber
  • Data Center
  • Critical Mission

Contribution to CRETA

Cellnex, through its subsidiary Tradia, provides CRETA with knowledge in architecture, deployment and management of the c-v2x communications infrastructure in the sections of the Barcelona C-32 pilot (Barcelona – Sitges) with the aim of continuing to evolve the architecture for digitizing roads and enabling it for AI, which supports mobility services focused on reducing pollution and developing connected and/or autonomous vehicles.

Contact information

Passeig Zona Franca, 105 - 08038 Barcelona

+34 93 567 89 10