Entity Description

Opus Remote Sensing Europe (OPUS RSE) is the only entity in the world accredited to remotely measure the real emissions of vehicles in free circulation. OPUS RSE is a Spanish company responsible for all the development, research and marketing of “RSD” (Remote Sensing Device) remote sensing technology. OPUS RSE is the world’s leading company in monitoring and analyzing real emissions from road traffic, and the implementation of this technology is advancing decisively in Spain, as well as in the rest of the world.


OPUS RSE is a Spanish company and the only entity in the world that has ISO-17025 accreditation for the remote measurement of motor vehicle emissions.

With more than 15 years of experience developing, manufacturing and marketing RSD – Remote Sensing Device – technology, OPUS RSE is today the main national and international technology provider in the sector.

OPUS RSE has extensive experience in R&D and technological development projects, and its RSD technology has been used on all 5 continents, with significant growth in recent years. OPUS CSR helps all actors and those responsible for mobility management to design solutions and policies with real data, in order to make assertive sustainability measures and decisions.

Its intelligent solutions are based on the remote measurement of real emissions from vehicles in circulation, through portable or fixed optical remote sensing devices, called RSD – Remote Sensing Device, which, in real time and non-intrusively, They measure the emissions (NOx, CO, PM, HC and NH3) expelled from the exhaust pipe of each vehicle that passes in front of the sensor. At the same time, its speed and acceleration are measured, environmental parameters such as pressure, temperature and humidity are recorded and the vehicle’s license plate is identified thanks to a video camera.


Over the last few years OPUS RSE has achieved:


      • Convert its technology into the most used and tested worldwide to remotely measure vehicle emissions in real driving conditions.


      • Participate in important and decisive national and international research projects with excellent results, as well as contribute to the generation of knowledge on sustainable mobility.


      • Lead innovation and proposals for new legislative regulations that take into account real vehicle emissions.


      • Help the actors and those responsible for mobility management to design policies based on real data, in order to make efficient and fair measures and decisions.


All this is achieved thanks to the analysis of millions of vehicles each year throughout the planet.

Activities and Services

  • Technology provider:
    • Remote measurement systems for vehicle emissions in real time. Portable and fixed equipment for different environments and clients.
    • “Remote Sensing Digital Platform” software, for the management and analysis of real vehicle emissions, within a city or territory, aggregated or individually.


  • Service provider:
    • Remote sensing of real traffic emissions: 24/7 remote measurement of the real emissions of each vehicle in the real world for the analysis of all circulating traffic
    • Systems for immediate and automated detection of highly polluting vehicles (high-emitters).


  • Solution provider:
    • Consulting, research, intelligent traffic systems, solutions for ‘smart cities’, technology for low-emission zones, among others.

Contribution to CRETA

OPUS RSE develops new remote measurement systems for traffic emissions, with 24/7 measurement capabilities and 5G connectivity, in order to empirically and remotely measure the real emissions of all road traffic. Alert and variable pricing systems will be developed on these devices, in order to identify the most polluting vehicles and act selectively on them, in a fair and efficient way.

Contact information

C/Gaztambide, 45 - 28015 Madrid

+34 91 559 28 68