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Entity Description

VINCES is one of the 3 most important strategic Public Affairs consulting firms in Spain. It was founded in 2009 and has 100% Spanish capital.


It has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels and Lisbon, from which it provides strategic advice on institutional relations through an integrated methodology to develop the legitimacy of organizations and increase the capacity of its clients to influence decision-making. that affect your business. The VINCES methodology consists of acting in three areas: political, legislative-regulatory and social.


The areas of specialization of this office are Energy, Industry and Sustainability, Corporate Operations, Health and Digital. Areas that also receive support from the transversal departments of VINCES, such as its Intelligence Department, which develops digital solutions applied to the monitoring of legislative activity.



VINCES was founded in 2009 by David Córdova. It was born with the mission of transforming the relationship between the public and the private through the professionalization of public affairs and the defense of the interests of its clients through the contribution of intelligence and the development of its legitimacy.


Since its founding, VINCES has maintained a strong vocation for the internationalization of its activity. A vocation that, in 2017, led him to open his first office in Brussels, with the aim of contributing to European affairs through the application of his own methodology.


In 2018, VINCES opened its second office in Spain, specifically in Barcelona, from where it advises its clients on the Catalan political, regulatory and social landscape.


In 2022, VINCES continues its international expansion by opening its first office in Portugal, providing its services to clients operating on both sides of the Spanish-Portuguese border.


Likewise, over the years, VINCES has created and promoted a collaboration network with which to operate in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Activities and Services

Thanks to its work structure, VINCES has specialized teams with extensive knowledge in its areas of action, while offering integrated solutions thanks to its transversal teams. Among its transversal departments is its Intelligence Department, which develops its own digital solutions for regulatory monitoring and analysis.

VINCES offers services in the following areas of action:

  • Energy, Industry and Sustainability
  • Digital
  • Corporate Operations
  • Health

Likewise, since its inception, VINCES has had a Corporate Social Responsibility department, which carries out pro-bono actions to contribute to different social causes, especially those aimed at the protection of children.

Contribution to CRETA

VINCES makes its regulatory analysis and monitoring capacity available to CRETA to, on the one hand, evaluate the fit of the project within the legal framework related to the control of polluting emissions and, on the other, promote possible regulatory changes that may be necessary to accommodate to this technology. Likewise, it will evaluate the econometric impact of the project and make its results known to public administrations at the local, regional and state levels with the aim that it can be replicated in other parts of the country.

Contact information

Address: Calle Fortuny, 45. Bajo Izq. – 28010 Madrid



Phone: +34 917 02 47 37

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