Interurban mobility and access to cities. Through a pilot in Barcelona with the collaboration of the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area and the Generalitat of Catalonia. The ability to fairly rate vehicle circulation will be demonstrated, taking into account their real and individual emissions, variably adjusting the city access rate.


Goal 1

  • Based on Pollution algorithms, the recommended speed for AWAI app clients will be determined.
  • It is detected that the client with the AWAI app passes through the porch (Exit 31)
  1.            Passing moment
  2.            AWAI ID
  3.            Speed
  • The speed recommendation is sent to the AWAI client at this point.
  • The AWAI customer’s license plate is detected at the exit
  • Then the speed of the client is calculated
  • Depending on whether or not the client has complied with the recommendation, a discount will be given.

Goal 2

  • There will be 12 RSU antennas along the 19km of the C-32 (Sitges-Garraf)
  • Based on Pollution algorithms, the recommended speed for customers with OBUs in the vehicle will be determined.
  • A speed recommendation is sent to OBUs users.

Goal 3

  • The vehicle crosses the gantry with AMS+OPUS sensors
  • It detects your:
    • Speed
    • Category
    • Emissions
  • The information is sent to the system (Autopistas HUB and/or Cloud OPUS)
  • Customer emissions statistics are established based on the different measurements
  • Variable pricing scheme is established based on emissions information (Only at an informative level, not applicable)