Cross-border control and payment for pollution. By carrying out a pilot in Gipuzkoa (Irún) with the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Basque Government, the capabilities will be demonstrated to discriminate heavy vehicles based on their real emissions and activate alerts in real time if vehicles are detected. suspected of having been illegally manipulated.


Goal 1

  • Installation of an RSD system at the Irún toll plaza to measure, in an unassisted and remote manner, a large number of trucks coming from the border with France.

Goal 2

  • Deployment of 5G in the area, to provide connectivity to both the RSD device and a user with a tablet or mobile phone with a 5G SIM nearby (less than 2 km away).

Goal 3

  • Creation and testing of a real-time monitoring system of polluting emissions from each truck that passes in front of the RSD through 5G connectivity in the area.

Goal 4

  • Creation and testing of a real-time alert system for potentially tampered trucks (high NOx levels), after measurement by the RSD, with data sent to a 5G tablet.

Goal 5

  • Test a system that establishes a corrective factor for the free-flow toll rate, based on the real emissions of each truck.